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Prop Trading Firms

Prop firms can provide access to larger accounts for experienced, under capitalized traders who can prove consistency in the markets. Many prop firms require the trader to complete an audition, where a demo account is used to prove a winning strategy. Upon completion, the trader can earn real money and split profits with the prop firm.


Trade our Capital and Manage up to 2M in the Markets

My Funded FX

Our Funds, Your Profit. Manage Capital up to $300K

The 5%ers

Show us your skill, trade our capital, keep the profit! Trade Forex, Metals & Indices up to 4 millio

Discover tools and resources that will help to refine your trading edge. Technical analysis is a trading discipline that can be used to identify trends and patterns on your charts. These tools are designed to make sense of the data so you can build effective trading strategies.

News and fundamentals can help determine an overall bias. Being able to analyze and identify market direction is key to becoming consistent. These tools provide information that can assist in the development of a profitable strategy.

Benzinga Pro

A streaming platform with all the information you need to invest smarter today.


Make Smarter, Data-Driven Investment Decisions


Profit from the right trades at the right time. Real-time.

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