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Who are Funded Engineer

The Funded Engineer provide evaluation accounts with the opportunity to manage up to $1,500,000 of capital. The scaling plan allows the trader to increase drawdown up to 20%. Accounts are not limited by maximum or minimum trading days.


Funded Engineer Challenge Accounts

There are currently 2 offerings available to traders. The 1-Phase and 2-Phase challenges.

Both challenges provide up to 80% profit split (which can be increased to 90% through scaling), unlimited days to complete the challenge, as well as no minimum trading days.



  • Account Size - Up to $500K
  • Profit Target - 10%
  • Max Daily Loss - 4%
  • Max Trailing Loss - 6%


  • Account Size - Up to $500K
  • Profit Target - 10% Phase 1 and 5% Phase 2
  • Max Daily Loss - 5%
  • Max Initial Account Balance Loss - 10%
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