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Prop Firms With No Time Limits

Recently, there has been a trend in Prop Firms offering challenges with no time limit.

It is not uncommon to see Prop Firms that require 8-10% to be made within 30 days to pass which can put a lot of stress on the trader.

So, why have these targets been set?

Some believe that this is to force traders to take on more risk and effectively gamble in order to pass. Subsequently, this could cause more traders to fail in the long run, allowing Prop Firms to scoop up additional evaluation fees.

Whether this is true or not, some Prop Firms have been making waves in the industry by offering up No Time Limits on their challenges.

We’ve listed some Prop Firms who have adopted No Time Limits on their challenges. We’ll keep this updated as we list more firms and challenges so be sure to bookmark this page.

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